Sunday, May 27, 2012

Why I Love Living in America

This Memorial Day, I was thinking about those who died to keep me free & what it means to me. Because of those who gave all, I can do the following things;

*in no particular order*

-drive a car.
-go out in public without a chaperone.
-worship my God in church.
-say whatever is on my mind.
-own a home.
-work outside the home.
-watch any movie I want.
-choose my news source.
-have an opinion.
-get married or not.
-wear clothes of my choosing.
-have unlimited internet access.
-own a gun (or two, maybe three).
-to create. Whether its art or technology, I can.
-to be happy.
-be a hoarder if I want.
-be on a reality show.
-a chance to become POTUS.
-be a CEO.
-to not live in fear.
-to pray healing over someone in public.
-be silly in public.
-be a carnivore, vegetarian or vegan.
-shop at the stores I want.
-question boldly & often.
-be different.
-not agree with the government.

This is just a short list. If you are reading this, thank a vet. If you want to make a difference in their lives, donate to a VA home. Donate time, socks, coffee, sugar free snacks, basically anything. The government has forgotten a lot of these fine Americans, please don't forget them also.

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