Friday, May 11, 2012

Parenting & the School Board 101

Who raises your children? Who is the top disciplinarian in their lives? Is it you, or is it your favorite local school board?

Here is the reason I ask. When I was in school, almost had a pocket knife. No big deal. In some schools, they had shooting teams so kids had rifles. Those usually stayed in their vehicles, but still on school grounds. No one questioned, no one batted an eye, and we all made it out alive.

I know a kid who brought their dad's pistol to school. The school called the mother. The mother came to school & got her kid. She then proceeded to beat her kid's derriere all the way home. Then once she got home, she slapped her husband for not taking better care of his pistol.

See how that went. The school's involvement was seeing that a problem existed with the child, then let the parents discipline the child. The child hurt no one at school, therefore the school did the right thing. Then again, this was before the zero tolerance policy.

I bring that up because I've had with the oversensitizing of the safety & welfare of children nowadays. Don't get me wrong, I love children, but some of this is just too much.

A 6 year old boy gets a 3 day suspension for quoting the song lyric "I'm sexy & I know it." It was filed under sexual harassment. Are you kidding me? If that's sexual harassment, then you have to charge over half of my shop & 75% of twitter. An elementary school kid gets expelled because his mom packed a plastic knife in his lunch bag. The school considered the knife a weapon. Again, really? Not that I've ever tried to stab someone with a plastic knife, but I'm going to think that it would be hard to do. You might break skin, have a boo-boo for a few days.

When did the school start believing that they could raise our children better than us? I don't want teachers & the school board raising my children. Especially in high school, when it comes to sex ed. Sorry, but seeing how 'sex ed' has been taught in the last few years, yeah, don't want a 32 year old having sex with my 15 year old. But then again, that's just me.

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