Sunday, May 20, 2012

My Rules of Twitter

Follow these simple rules and we'll get along just fine.

#1 ~ Don't beg for a follow back. Makes you seem needy.
#2 ~ Don't get all pissy when I don't follow you back.
#3 ~ If you make fun of people via twitter, don't get upset when twitter strikes back with a hashtag game about you.
#4 ~ Blocking & reporting for spam is not the appropriate response against the hashtag players. (Looking at you, Roseanne)
#5 ~ Don't tell me who I am allowed to follow & talk to on twitter. None of you are my mother, therefore I don't listen to any of you.
#6 ~ Remember that not everyone cares about everything that comes out of your mouth.
#7 ~ Twitter is full of B.S. artists.
#8 ~ I make fun of politics as much as possible. Try not to take it all seriously.
#9 ~ Also, I am a female. I ride a rollercoaster with my emotions & how I feel about myself. Enjoy the ride with me or unfollow.
And finally...
#10  ~  If you follow me & are a male, really remember this one! I am nothing more than a tease. I say things to get a reaction. Also, you're welcome.

Follow these 10 simple rules, not only will I get along with you, but others will too. Trust me, I watch doctors on TV.

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