Friday, May 11, 2012

Ask The Diva

Awhile ago, I asked some of my friends to give me sample questions for an advice column I wanted to do. I answered them sent them in, but I didn't get picked up. Probably for good reason, but I feel like I still owe it to my friends to see their questions answered. So with that, here we go.

Dear Diva,
I just accidently pepper sprayed myself in the eye. I tried rinsing it out with water, but it still burns. What precautions should be taken?
Having a Blonde Moment

Dear Blonde,
Well, start by not being a blonde. Then take the following steps; 1) Point away from face 2) Don't spray unless needed 3) If needed, POINT AWAY FROM FACE! I hope that helps. Just keep rinsing, the stinging will gradually go away.

Dear Diva,
What advice would give a first time voter that does not like Obama or Romney? What should they do on election day?

Dear Undecided,
I understand your pain & anguish. Here's what you can do; dress up in the Halloween costume of your choice, go to the polling station, vote 3rd party. If enough people start thinking outside the party lines & go with their guts, DC would be radically changed.

Dear Diva,
After a first date, do I txt him, tweet her, or just wait them to call me?
Not Sure

Dear Not Sure,
First thing I would do, is find out if they are male or female. It kind of helps with further dates. Depends on what kind of relationship you want with this person. If you just want it casual, text. I wouldn't tweet them, unless they have a hardcore twitter addiction, then you should DM them. If you wait for them to call you, you run the risk of them thinking that you are not interested. Good luck!

If you like any of my answers, or just want to ask someone silly questions (or ones you think will stump me) email me at If I get enough, I'll do this again. ;)

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