Friday, June 8, 2012

Rant #42

Here are a few things that are driving me nuts this week.

#1 ~ Edgy female comics like Margaret Cho, Wanda Sykes & Janeane Garafalo, who all in the 90's keep their edge by talking about their sexual encounters with guys & telling dick jokes. Once everyone got bored with that schtick, then, like, OMG, they came out as lesbians/bisexuals. Now they have edge & relevance again, sorta, kinda, I guess.

#2~ Tim Poe. A contestant on America's Got Talent came out on stage with a pronounced stutter and told a story about how he got the stutter. He said he was serving in the Army over in Afghanistan, and got hit by a rocket propelled grenade with left him with a brain injury. Then proceeded to sing Garth Brooks 'If Tomorrow Never Comes'. He sang it beautifully. He received a standing ovation and was passed to the next round. The day after his episode aired, news came out that he was LYING!!! Yes, he did serve in the National Guard, but his records show that he was never injured!! He lied about getting injured in the line of duty to get on a show.

#3~ Bloomberg (Mr Nanny State) & Michelle O (Ms Buick Butt). I'm sick of them to tell me & others what to eat, how much to eat, and how cook/season it. As far as I know, neither one is a doctor or nutritionist. Not only that, neither one is my mother. As I tell people, 'You ain't my momma, I don't got to listen to you!' News to them, you don't know me, don't try to control me.

#4~ Over-regulation!! Have you tried to donate to a food pantry lately?

#5~ Cost of bacon. It's to damn high! That is all.

*This just in, Janeane hasn't come out as lesbian, she just dresses like one. Sorry for any confusion.*

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