Saturday, June 23, 2012

No White Guilt Here

So the other night, I'm watching Red Eye on Fox, when they show this video of a bunch of 'white' people with stuff written on their faces talking about how they are ashamed they're white. Not only we're they ashamed of being white, they also said it was a privilege.

Okay, for the record, I am done, I am over this cliche/meme or whatever you want to call it. Get over yourselves! You're part of the problem!! Let me tell you what being 'white' means to me.

1~ I've been yelled at for my great-grandparents owning slaves. Really? Show me proof. Part of my family came over after slavery ended, the rest lived up North & were too broke to own any.

2~ 30+ SPF. Anything lower, I burn. If I was any whiter, I'd glow in the dark.

3~ Sunlight & my eyes don't get along. I cannot go out, no matter the temp, without my sunglasses if the sun is out.

4~ Name calling like redneck & white trash. Yay for originality.

5~ Last one, but far from the least, being called racist. Seriously? You're calling me a racist based on the color of MY skin? Is that not racist? If you see me & the first thing that comes to your mind, is a stereotype of race, you have issues.

I will never apologize for having less melanin. That's stupid! If you feel guilty because of this, go see a psychiatrist. Treat people based on their character, nothing else. It makes life a lot simpler.

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