Sunday, January 6, 2013

Cost of Paying Attention

Do you know what your congress is doing?
They are YOUR employees.
How close of an eye do you have on them?
Your money pays their salaries.

We have grown too comfortable in our lives to the point of becoming apathetic towards the government. We only hold a few accountable instead of all. This needs to stop! We need to pay more attention before the 11th hour on these deals. 

The government has slowly been conditioning us to give up our freedoms without a fight. Watch a movie from the early 80's, see how much the government & society has changed. Then watch the difference between sitcoms from the 90's and now.  

They're hoping we'll be distracted by lame talking points & internet meme to really pay attention to what they are doing. Well, until its too late anyway. 

One paycheck in and regret was known via twitter: 

Conservatives tried to warn them, but the messaging failed. Now we have a bigger fight on our hands. An United States representative from NY wants to repeal the 22nd amendment. If you don't which one that is, I'll tell you, its the one for presidential term limits. 

Here's the link: 

We need to start paying better attention to them. This is just the beginning. Politicians need to remember we have the power to hire & fire them. This is our country! I will not bow down to any man & neither should you!

This is #WAR!

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