Thursday, January 17, 2013

I Believe...

I believe that the American people have forgotten that congress works for us. They are our employees & should be treated as such. They don't do their job, get rid of them. They want a raise, we should vote on it.

I believe that if your representative doesn't hold a town hall type meeting at least once a year, that should be voted out.

I believe if your representative no longer holds residence in your district, they should be voted out.

I believe that the 17th amendment should be repealed so we can restore balance to our republic.

I believe that there should be term limits for each house: 6 terms for a representative & 2 terms for a senator. That is 12 years in each house. 
I believe that politics can drive a sane man to drink.

I believe that the people in the capital need to remember whose money they're dealing with. That money is taxpayer money and belongs to the American people. It is not the government's money.

I believe we have allowed ourselves as Americans to forget our logical thinking and focus more on how everything 'feels'. Feelings are for relationships, logic are for law making.

I believe we need to start treating our politicians like the employees that they are. I believe we all as Americans should call, write, email, or tweet on a regular basis. They should respond to us in a timely manner because they work for us.

I believe we need to take back our country. Don't let the people in DC bully us any longer. We outnumber them. We have higher IQ's. We know that Guam can't tip over. 




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