Thursday, December 6, 2012

I Am Offended

Apparently America is offended by everything lately. Someone can breathe wrong & someone will be offended. So here are some things that 'offend' me.

I despise calling someone or someone calling me a racist. How are you supposed prove them wrong? Say "I can't be racist, my baby daddy is black", "my dealer is Mexican", or "my gardener is Asian". Will that really work? (You can change those to how you want by the way) 

Same thing with the calling someone 'homophobe'. How can you prove them wrong? As a straight woman, how would I be able to say I'm not a homophobe. (Beside that I do not fear homosexuals which is what a 'phobia' is) Say I can't be a homophobe because I experimented in college? Ridiculous.

Now on to gender roles/feminism/emasculation. Chose your word. I don't care. A community college made construction workers stop working on campus until they changed their sign. What did the sign say that was SOOOO offensive? "Caution: Men at Work" It wasn't gender neutral. Give me a break. It's a sign put there for the workers safety! Not only that, there were no women in the crew. It was an all male crew!! Get over yourselves. 

Here's something I'm pretty sure we all can agree on. Bubble kids. Do you know what a 'bubble kid' is. A bubble kid is a child whose mother wanted everything in life to be easy for them. Can't let them get frustrated learning hard things like learning to write neatly, tying their shoes, cleaning up after themselves, and proper manners. Do you know what these children grow up to be? Occupiers.

This one is just a real big pet peeve annoyance of mine that kind of offends. Sports players talking about how hard they have to work. I'm sorry. They get paid how much? No job is ever easy. If it was, it wouldn't be called a job. It's the whininess of their voices when they say it. Meanwhile, we have men & women overseas, working basically around the clock, having bullets & rockets aimed at them for very little pay. That offends me!

Last thing. I promise. People who don't read past the headlines and want to tell me how to think about news stories.

Now I don't feel so offended.



  1. It used to be that you could avoid offense by avoiding certain parts of town or reading certain publications.

    It's not so easy now. The media gets more "engagement" if they feature offensive stuff. We all have friends and family that, if we weren't connected online, would have fewer opportunities to offend us in person.

    Finally, it's much easier for easily offended people to find you so that they can be offended. If you're fighting for sloth acceptance, for example, you could Google "I hate sloths" to find people who are oppressing the creatures and then troll them.

    I think that people who are easily offended should be offended; it's what they want at heart.

  2. How did I forget about sloths?