Wednesday, November 28, 2012

My Controversial Thought of the Day

I'm going to put on my theologian hat today. So if you aren't into religious talk, you might want to skip this post.

To date, my favorite theologian question to get people riled up is "When did Jesus know who he truly was? What his mission on Earth was to be?" 

Oh the answers. The silly fights. I love it. I should tell you, my mother taught me when I was young that if it has nothing to do with my salvation, not to worry about it. So, I don't. But that won't stop me from asking questions & being a pain.

So I was listening to this song today & it mentioned the phrase 'original sin'. That got be thinking about how some Christians' view Mary. I should tell you now, I am a protestant. My father was raised in the Christian Reformed church & my mother was raised in what is called 'Gospel Hall' or how I refer to it, Strict Baptist. I do have an Irish Catholic aunt & my father is the godfather to a Polish Catholic. (Yes, I mentioned the different countries. There's a difference, so I'm told) Enough of that rabbit trail.

Anyway, back to original sin & how it portrays to Mary, Jesus' mom. Some people believe that Mary didn't have original sin. Some even put her on this pedestal & worship her. Either one, I don't get. But here is my thought. What if Mary wasn't pick out by God because of the original sin thing, but because who she was engaged to, Joesph. I hear people yelling now. But please hear me out. In the Old Testament, it talked about the Messiah being from the line of David. The line of David pointed to Joesph, not Mary. Not saying she wasn't a wonderful mother or anything.

That's just my thought. I could be wrong. My main focus in life will always be Jesus. Its just every once in a while, I like to stir the pot & get people thinking.

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  1. Read the endless lists of who begat whom. You find only half of the family tree. Mary might well be of the line of David. Consider that 130-odd years after Brigham Young died, he has thousands of descendants.

    Young had 56 wives, but he reportedly didn't have relations with all of them. King David only had 8 wives (not counting concubines,) but a thousand years passed between King David and Jesus. (David's son Solomon had 700 wives and 300 concubines, which got things off to a big start.)

    No room at the inn? It was God's own mercy there was even room at the stable when all of David's descendants had to show up in Bethlehem in a single year for the Roman census.

    Joseph needed to be of the house and lineage of David, but there were lots of people who filled the bill in that regard. I think it was the total package the couple made, though only God knows exactly what He was looking for.