Thursday, November 15, 2012

I Feel Ranty

Ugh. So many things, but don't feel like writing a lot. My fault, I haven't really written a rant in a while. So let's see how much I fit in here before I get bored still we?

Okay, first off.  To all those who did not do anything during this past election cycle besides talk on twitter/facebook, but want to complain or talk bad about those who did do something, SHUT UP!!!! You did nothing but sit on your butt behind a computer talking smack. That makes you a punk. Meanwhile, the people you mock/complain about, sacrificed time with family, cold called strangers, went door to door. Until you are willing to do the same, you opinion is invalid.

Next! Greediness at Christmas time. Don't get me wrong, I love Christmas!!! I love shopping for other people. It brings me such joy! But there is one thing that gets my panties in a bunch. I'll explain. Growing up, my parents weren't poor, but we weren't rich by any stretch of the imagination, but we had enough. Never really did anything extravagant at Christmas, but we always had a good time & created memories.
Premise set, now I'll start. At my job, we have a giving tree where you can 'adopt' someone for Christmas. No problem. (I got adopted one year, so I'm paying back) When I first started, I adopted teenagers. Why? Because everyone wanted to buy for the babies. The teenagers that were in our mix to choose from wanted bath soap & socks. Just basics. Yesterday, the tree was up, so I went over to look for someone to adopt. All I can say is WOW! The stuff they want my mother would slap me for asking for such things, especially a stranger. They are asking for things that start at $50 & going up to a few hundred dollars. I cannot fathom that! That's being greedy.

Okay, next. How the hell is Bloomberg getting away with rejecting donations? There are people starving! Freezing! With no homes! And he says, NO? Why hasn't anyone bitch-slapped him yet? Don't say no to free food, unless its rancid or tainted with drugs. Also, why not more backlash at New Jersey for turning away non-union help? If someone is willing to work for free (or even at cost) to help after a disaster, shut up & let them!

Finally, I am over this 'anti-bullying' crap. Okay, I understand some bullying goes too far. I would never bully someone to the point of contemplating suicide. I believe a little bullying is good for you. Why? Because the world is not nice. No matter how much we all want it to be, it will never be. So it teaches you how to let things roll off your back & not get the best of you.  Also along with that, most of the 'anti-bullying' leaders are the biggest bullies out there. And I, for one, am sick of it and you should be to.

That's all I got for today. If you notice, yes I did change the name of my blog. Its a title of a poem I wrote years ago. The blurb up top are the first lines. Thank you to all who read my blog. Y'all rock! MUAH!

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