Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Oh, The Things I Learn!

This past week has been full of learning experiences. So I decided, me being the awesome person that I am, I would share them with you. That way you don't have to learn them on your own. 

* People who don't believe in God, want Him wiped from society also blame him for mass shootings. I spent 2 hours with this one last night. This is pretty much how the conversation went, "There is no god. How could your god allow this to happen? Your god sucks."

* New racial epitaphs regarding the black culture. Not that I knew a lot of them before hand, but with the country being quickly divided, I hear them all over the news.
From ESPN, I learned 'cornball brother'. Not sure why he would be a 'cornball', the only thing I can think of is if someone is light enough to pass as white, they're refer to as 'high yellow' & corn is yellow.
The other one made me go, huh? 'Black is skin color only.' Let that one sink in for a bit. I thought the amount of melanin in your skin was what made you the 'color' you are.  Is there something else that can make you a 'color'?

* First amendment is for liberal thought bubbles only. All others is not allowed. A conservative radio show host simply stated in a tweet that "Pres. Obama shouldn't politicize a memorial service" Didn't call him a name, wasn't being mean or sarcastic, a clear statement is all she made. She was berated by hundreds. How dare she say anything against Obama! (if you didn't know, the woman I'm talking about is none other than Dana Loesch (@DLoesch on twitter))

* Unions in Lansing Where do I begin? I think I'll just stay on the tent issue. A great majority of these we'll call them people didn't care that there were elderly & handicap people in tent as they tore it down. They didn't care that small business owner was inside protecting his investment when they tore it down. They also didn't care as they damaged his private property & called him vile racial names. When these 'people' found out there was a propane heater in there, they shouted for the tent to burn! Then we it finally fell, they took knives to cut the fabric to hand out as 'spoils'. After the people from inside left the scene, all you could see were capsized tables, the lawn covered with pamphlets, & one kicked in computer tower.

Basically what I learned is that a lot of the so-called free thinkers have the smallest thought bubbles.

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