Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Real War on Women

I'm calling for all of media to give me their 'gender war' cards. That's right, put them in my hand. You can get them back when you learn how to use the term correctly. Now go back to your desk, get out your notebooks & maybe learn something.

Calling for taxpayers to pay for your birth control or abortions & when they say no, is NOT a war on women. Never was, quit saying it!

Two examples of the war on women in American history are:
~ When President Woodrow Wilson threw suffragettes in jail, where they were beaten & not fed, just because they wanted their voices heard in the form of the right to vote.
~ When women were paid 75 cents to the man's dollar in the work place. When women couldn't be more than anything 'pink collar'.

Don't get me wrong, there is a war on women and it had nothing to do with me paying for anyone else's birth control. There are still women being abused physically & sexually in this country because they are the fairer sex. There are women in other countries who get their genitalia 'circumsized' so they can't feel sexual pleasure. Some countries even sew girls vaginas up so they won't 'sin'. Women who get burned if there is even a slight glimpse of non-submittance.

You have women in America who believe they are nothing more than sexual property. They live their lives stripping & prosituting with blank eyes. Told they were worthless. You have women & children all over the world, (yes, even in the US) who are sold into sex slavery.

The real war on women is being fought by charities who helping get women out of the sex industry & trade. People who risk their lives to show women they are worth more. Teaching them work skills to support their families.

So let's get real about this war on women! Fight the real war, not the pretend one place on us by the media. Want to help fight for these women? Here are some links to just some of the charities that help women. Some I've been asked not too put on the blog because they're underground for security reasons.

Please take time to visit these websites. Let's fight the real war on women. Thank you.


  1. Thank you! I am a woman and I don't want to pay for other women's birth control. Even if insurance companies pay for it, it is not free. The insurance companies will raise EVERYONE's rates to pay for that birth control.

  2. @cindyl541 All love eachother and support eachother. This divisive crap sucks. Same here Beautifly. This is a great.truth that all women should read and accept. We should