Saturday, March 31, 2012

I Have It, Do You?

Growing up, I was taught that having 'class' is something that someone cannot take away from you. Its up to you if you want it or not. Low income people can have class, while the higher bracket people may not.

After watching the news for the last month, I've come to the conclusion that real class war isn't between the haves & the haves not, its between those with class & those without.

Within an hour of Andrew Breitbart passing, tweets were sent out about how he was in hell and that he was hater (well, worse stuff than that) Even some 'journalists' made their own commentary on him on their shows. One person even started a fake twitter account under Andrew's widow's name to tweet crap about him.

In this past week, the Trayvon Martin case blew up in the media. Once again, twitter was there to add gasoline to the fire. Spike Lee tweeted what he thought was George Zimmerman's address. Roseanne Barr tweeted that if the cops didn't arrest him, she may show up at his house. To do what you may ask? I don't want to know. In a course of a weekend, I saw thousands of death threats on a man that people never heard of hours prior. A few even called for the rape of Zimmerman's mother.

Even now as I watch TV, I see the classlessness of the US. This hurts my soul. What happen to us as a nation? I remember growing up I was taught manners. How I was to speak to elders. How to treat the world around me.

Anger shown was supposed to be a last resort. Now mind you, I'm not always the most polite, but I do try. I say thank you when someone does something nice. Sometimes I say it when someone does their job correctly. But to lash out at the smallest slight? That seems childish.

So I guess what I'm calling for is the growing up of America. To rely on oneself. To treat others with respect. To debate civilly. We don't all to agree, but at least act like adult.

If you disagree, you can kiss my class!

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