Thursday, March 8, 2012

I'm on the Campaign Trail again!

Okay, some more promises from a Presidential hopeful, ME!

* All bills should be around 30 pages long. No more than 50 pages. If a bill goes over 50 pages, I will veto it! Actually, I'll send it back for edit. I'm a busy woman. I don't have time to read more than that. Let's be honest, most of the time its full of riders when they get long. No more free rides!!

* I will shut down K Street. No more lobbying. One of my co-workers wants me to take it a step further. He wants me to make it a capital offense. Then auction off the position of executioner and put the money towards the national debt.

* All congressmen/women would get the same pay as of that of an enlisted in the military. Not only that, they will also get the same health benefits. Even after retirement or vote out. Why should they get paid better than our men & women who wrote this country a blank check with their lives?

* Last but not least, TAXES! I would implement a flat tax of 9.5%. God only ask for 10%, how can I ask for more than he does? Oh no! With such a low tax rate, how we pay for everything? Easy. I would take what I have learned from Financial Peace University. There would be a lot cuts, but it would pay off HUGE in the long run.

With some of the changes I would place, this country will be strong again. Once again, become a shining beacon.

Remember, Vote for Me 2012!!

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