Monday, March 24, 2014

As Your Choice in 2016

Thank You! 

10 months ago, I announced on this blog site that I was running for dictator. I even included some of my plans to help heal and save the country in the post. I have gotten a lot of favorable response. Then this past month, I upped my game and campaigned at CPAC. I was overwhelmed by the reactions I received. Even non-political people I ran into at the bars were supportive. It tells me that America is ready for a change.

I would like to be part of that change. 

We can do the slow waiting game for things get better OR we can be radical! Sometimes you have to be revolutionary. You have to put everything on the line.

My next step in becoming 'Your choice for Libertarian Dictator in 2016' is to get on the CPAC straw poll. Okay, maybe I skipped a few steps there. I should open myself to some interviews, like print and radio first. I'm going to save the TV/Video spots until I get on the straw poll. (Cam, don't worry, I'll give you the privilege of getting first dibs.)

Here's what I do know, I've heard the gripes. I lived in this semi-free American culture. We are better that what we've become. We are better than the government we've elected. We need to take back our freedom and liberty. Freedom gives us the ability to be of independent thought. Independent thought gives the ability to be awesome! I don't know about you, but I love being awesome!

Thank you! God bless America!!

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