Friday, May 3, 2013

I Need Your Help

After watching what is happening to our country, I have decided to run for "Dictator". I would run for president, but that's so last year.

States, you're on your own. I will only step in with federal power & assistance when you have exhausted all your resources. Get ready. Also, you and the local school boards are in charge of the education in your state. I'm going to have a full plate. So, good luck. If you are at all confused about what each state is responsible for, may a recommend some light reading called "The Constitution"?

After I seize full control of the federal government and military, I have some things on my agenda to work on. Here is a short list:

- Every congressman with 20+ years in their seat will be let go. No pay. No perks. No pension.
  - Those remaining will be interviewed & only kept on if they have a skill set or specific area of
    expertise that I might deem useful  (e.g. military, federal budget, foreign affairs)

- Build up the military...lots of people want to kill us.

- Conduct a full audit of all federal spending
  - Cut all what is not guaranteed in the Constitution
    - Eliminate wasteful or ineffective social programs, regulations and bureaucracies. 

- After audit and cut of programs, keeping the income tax rate the same until national debt
   is down to $750M
  - Implement a flat tax of 7%
  - Eliminate the death tax & many others. 

- Seal the border
  - The safety & well being of my people come first!

- Drastically reduce foreign aid
  - No money will be given directly to a foreign government
    -  Exceptions might include agricultural education programs so foreign countries can grow their own food safely and efficiently.

I can’t do this alone, howeverI need your help for things like funding and outreach, as well as  emotional and spiritual support. I should also mention, this will not be a lifetime assignment for me. Ain't nobody got time for that!

So vote for me, Pope Sparkles for Dictator of America! 

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