Friday, May 24, 2013

Excuse Me, I'm Trying To Save The Country

After I announced my bid for Dictator, people have been curious about some of my plans. So I've decided to answer some of their questions.

Pope Sparkles, why not do away with all of congress?

Thank you for asking this important question. I'm keeping some of congressmen on because I know I don't know it all and I'll need their expertise. Also, I know that I am fallible because I am human, I need a good sounding board. I believe they will be that for me.

Don't be mistaken, when I hand back the power of federal government to the people, there will be some changes to the way congress is run. More on that later.

What will you do about Medicare & Social Security?

I did address this broadly in the original post, but I will say it a little more to the point this time. I would phase them out. I believe with my lower tax rate, you'll be able to keep more of the money you earn. It's up to you to invest it wisely.

Do you honestly believe that a flat tax can work?

I will be working with a panel of economic experts to help me decide which tax structure would be the best for the future of America. I'm currently looking at the flat tax and a federal sales tax.

Will you change the Constitution in any way while you hold the office of Dictator?

Only for the better. First, I would re-word the 14th Amendment so there wouldn't be anymore so-called 'anchor babies'. I believe this will help with the immigration problem we are facing.

Then, because of my tax reform, the 16th Amendment would have to go.

I said earlier that there would be changes to how congress is run. So, lastly, the 17th Amendment would be repealed. This would restore balance between the federal government and the States. I will also set term limits for congress. 18 years total. They can do 9 terms as a representative or 3 terms as a senator. Then you must go back into the society you made laws for. This will keep power from going to their head. Also, their pay grade would be audited.

What changes would you make to the military?

Thank you. I love this question! I believe that our military should be one of greatest assets. Unfortunately, they have been treated poorly lately and I want to change that. I would make the GI Bill stronger so there will be a better incentive to enlist. Military housing will get an overhaul. I believe their families deserve better.

Also, the way the Department of Veteran's Affairs has been sub par. This too will change. Our veterans deserve better. It saddens me to see someone that fought overseas get treated worse or have to wait longer in line than someone that sits at home that refuses to work for a living.

Dear Pope Sparkles, will you be ruling with an iron fist, abject humiliation or completely unaware of what's going on around you?

Ooh! Nice question. Iron fist in a velvet glove with some mocking and only unaware of what goes on at the state level.

I hope this clears up my intentions of what I would do as Dictator. If you have any more questions about policy matters, please put them in the comment section or tweet them at me here with the hashtag #AskBFW.

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