Saturday, February 22, 2014

How Rednecks Break Cabin Fever

Every winter when it gets towards the end of February, the people up North start to suffer from cabin fever. This year is no different. So a few years ago, a small in Michigan decided to do something to break it. An outhouse race called the Outhouse 500. You read that right. People build then race outhouses. 

But first you need some fuel to race on. So they have a chili cook-off. Unfortunately, I got there late this year so I was unable to taste the different recipes. Though I know from previous years the ingredients range from bacon to ghost peppers to give each competing team an unique flavor. There is also a bake sale outside so you can have some dessert. 

Now for the outhouse race! Teams race one on one in heats for best times. Best time wins the big trophy. There is also trophies for best decorated and furthest traveled. 

There are some crashes. Sometimes into each other and sometimes into the guardrails.

Last year they started letting kids under 10 race. At a shorter distance of course. 

Then they had some decorated toilet seats that auctioned off. Some were artistically done.
Someone painted a very detailed rooster on both sides
of the seat.
Some were just more for fun.

This year, instead of the Polar Plunge, they decided to do a dunk tank. Only two people volunteered. Go figure. Also, they were kids.

This poor girl. It took 13 throws before someone dunked her.

I just thought this was a neat extra that a team did to their outhouse. While racing, this was hidden, only can see when in parade mode.

Life is short. Have fun. Can't wait to see what people will think of for next year. So how do break the boredom and monotonous nature of winter? This is how some small town rednecks do it. 

Miss Coopersville holding a boxer shorts flag.

Parade before the race
Hope to see more people next year!

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