Friday, February 14, 2014

What's Your Gender?

Yesterday (2/13/14), Facebook started what I like to refer to as the "50 Shades of Gender" for you select. Yes, you read that right. 50 different genders. 


There isn't that many. This kid even understands it.

Overly simple, yes. Look in any medical anatomy book. You will see 2 genders. Male & female. Some more advanced books will even discuss intersex or hermaphrodite. Even with that, it only brings it to 3 genders. 

So now that most of the hard science part of this post is over, let's get to what this is about. So called 'gender roles'. Males are supposed to be the strong, mechanical ones, while females are supposed to be the fair, nurturing ones. I'm not sure who wrote these rules, but there wrong. We all know people who break those stereotypes. From my understanding, this all boils down to one thing, feelings. People let their feelings rule over logic & reason. 

This graph that is typically used in grade school science class
shows how chromosomes determine your gender.

As you can see, feelings are not science. So why should everybody have to learn 47 new gender types? If you present yourself as a male, I will call you a guy. If you present yourself as a female, I will call you a chick. Life is complicated enough, why keep adding to it?

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