Wednesday, August 14, 2013

My #SGS13 Review

First of all, I want to thank Stacy MottTeri Christoph, and the rest of the Smart Girls for putting on a wonderful conference. I know there was probably a lot of bumps behind the scenes, but you all made it look smooth. Also, thank you for the extras you had this year. I hope we can do gun ranges more often! 

This was my second Smart Girl Summit and it won't be my last. I met so many inspiring and powerful women in 2012 that I had to come to the 2013 one. One of the things that I loved, was that this was a first conference for a good percentage of the women that attended. Another thing that I liked about this year, the bloggers were in the same room as the speakers. Makes it easier to talk to my friends. The food, mainly, the banquet dinner. You can't leave with an empty stomach. Steak & asparagus? Yes, please! 

One of my favorite highlights of the weekend, happened during the Q&A portion of the panel about "Minority Outreach". A star was born! Her name: Cecilia Johnson. Remember that name. She is from Kansas City and heads a group of "Hood Cons". As much as I would love to say she's shy, I can't. Keep an eye out for her. I have a feeling this weekend was just a launching pad for her.

The other highlight, The Sausage Cookie Showdown. I was asked to bring a couple dozen to the summit by the one they are named after. Little did I know, someone else was going to bring their own cookies. Mine were your run of the mill type chocolate maple sausage cookie. (I'm told they tasted like devil's food cake) His were called 'gourmet' sausage cookie. He used chorizo and cayenne pepper. (They had a bit of a kick) 

I learn more every year about activism, politics, and how big of an impact each one of us can have. I can't wait for SGS14. They never disappoint. I love the speakers. I love the panels. So full of information and they're willing to share and to help. This will be an annual conference for me.

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  1. What? No almond milk to go with the cookies?

    I'm glad you were there to soak up the goodness of SGS13.