Friday, August 23, 2013

Hand Over Your Man Card

The shooting death of Chris Lane and the beating death of the Delbert Belton  (World War II vet) this week done by "bored" male teenagers got me thinking about some things in this culture.

#1 ~ When I was bored as a teenager, my friends and I would play basketball or football. Sometimes, when we were alone, we would listen music or watch TV. Most scandalous of all, if we got bored, we got jobs. The nerve of of us, I know.

#2 ~ I grew up in a rural/redneck type culture. If you fought someone, it was one on one. That was the man way of fighting. If you ganged up on someone, you were considered a coward. Don't get me wrong, your friends would be there at the fight, but would only step in to save you if you were losing.

Now, that you're more on my wavelength, I can continue with my thought. If you need a buddy to help you beat up an 88 year old man, YOU ARE NOT A MAN

Hand over your man card.

If you need two of your 'homies' (I'm not using the other word) to help you shoot a man. YOU ARE NOT A MAN.

Hand over your man card.

If you do either one of these despicable things, no matter what the group around you says, YOU ARE DEFINITELY NOT A MAN!!

Hand over your man card NOW!

Don't worry. I'll keep it safe. There's a chance that you can earn it back. There are rules. Things like getting a job, staying out of trouble, wearing your pants OVER your pants. 

Good luck!


  1. There is no way a bunch of losers who murder people for fun can ever get their man card back. Hello!

    1. I didn't list all the rules. I figured they couldn't even do the ones I listed. Also, a chick has their man cards. How humiliating?

    2. Well Jennie you are way better equipped to hold their man cards then they are. That should be way more humiliating. But for them they should just thank you for taking it.