Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Lord, Save Us From Ourselves

 I saw a statistic the other day that made me want to cry. The numbers 24, 43, and 14 are important to remember. The number 24 represents the percentage of girls who get abortions that say they are Catholic, 43 is the percentage of girls that say they are Protestants and 14 is the percentage that say they are born again/evangelical. Add those numbers together and you get 71%!!  That is a huge number of girls getting abortions that are suppose to know the love of Christ. That hurts! What happened? Now, I can't say for sure why the percentage is so high, but I have ideas. When I used to help out with the youth at church, 2 girls became pregnant. I wasn't thrilled but I stilled loved them. Unfortunately, there were a few in the church who told the girls they were going to hell.

Another time, I was still a leader at church, I was (and still am) friends with a girl who 'danced' for a living. The youth pastor told me I should no longer be friends with her. Why, you ask? Because my association with her would 'look' bad and it wasn't good for the youth.

You're probably asking yourself, "Why is Jennie sharing these things?" Simple. These are examples of why the world has a hard time accepting Jesus loving them when the corporate church doesn't really show love. Sometimes, we (as a church) forget that a sin is a sin is a sin is a sin, etc. All sins, except for one, are on a level playing field in God's eyes. Why are we subjecting people to a life without knowing God because we curse them? Why can't we love them?

If Jesus can save me & God made everything possible, we should want to share that with EVERYONE!!! Peace & Blessings to all!

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