Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Hard to Assimilate

Just like the Doctor, Rose, & Mickey Smith, I refuse to assimilate.

Granted the assimilation that is asked of me is not like that of a Cyberman, but still they want me to change my thought pattern. You see, I belong to a labor union.

I joined the union about 6 1/2 years ago. When I first joined no one made a big deal of it, we were just a union. You pay your dues, go to a monthly meeting, and do your best at work. Then two years ago, it started to change.

I noticed that the union was beginning to become more forceful, more intimidating.

Every month, we get a local newsletter. It has articles from each businesses bargaining chairperson, retiree chairperson, president of the local, and political cartoons. 

Here are some examples of the cartoons:

Signs went up. Every Wednesday we are to wear red. If you want to pay $10, the union has red shirts with their logo & motto on it so you have something red to wear. I refuse. I don't even wear any red shirt to work any day of the week. I don't want them to get ideas. Yet, every Wednesday, at my shift meeting, I get harassed because I'm not wearing red.

I was asked to go to Black Lake. That's my union's "education center". I said no, because its way up north & it was winter. The real reason, its an indoctrination center. You sit in 'class' for 6-8 hours a day, learning how great the union is. They sing Solidarity Forever every day to people can recite it on cue. No thanks. I've seen how people came back from there. They take good, hard workers & make them whiny, lazy ones.

During the campaign, Obama/Biden buttons were handed out. One was accepted on my behalf. In other words, before I had a chance to say no thanks, someone said yes for me. I found during this time, it would be really bad to outed as anything but an Obama supporter. 

Shortly after the election, there was a Right to Work protest rally in Lansing. I had to go! Can I just say, "WOW"? We met at the regional hall before leaving. We were told there that our fearless leaders didn't even know what was in the Right to Work bill, but we're protesting it anyway! While on the bus, a legal pad went around for us to put our information down on in case we got arrested for civil unrest. I knew then, I had to keep a lot of my opinions to myself. They were prepped for battle & I was alone. 

For as much as they fought that day, the bill was passed. They yelled for days. "We're going to sue!" "Snyder did this illegally!" "They can't union bust us!" Yet, on the day that Right to Work became legal, nothing was heard from the shop floor. *crickets*

How does this happen, you say. Easy. The rank & file of the union only get upset when they're told to get upset. They are told not to snitch on each other. They are told you get paid by the hour, not by the part. These are the rules. Can't get upset because you'll get reminded. Get reminded too much, a target appears on your back.

Like I said, I've been a part of this union for 6 1/2 years. I have yet to assimilate. My work ethic is too strong.

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