Thursday, October 18, 2012

Confessions of a TV Junkie

I confess, I LOVE competition reality shows! Adore them. Was thinking about it earlier, and I do watch a lot of them. Some I'm straying away from, or have all together. But for the most part, I have my faves. So I split them into groups & I'll tell why I love them or have stopped watching.

PERFORMING ARTS (singing/dancing/variety)
X-Factor, American Idol, America's Got Talent, The Voice

I always love the auditions for these, its afterwards they lose me. American Idol - I quit watching that after Simon left. I was getting bored and his way of delivering the truth kept me watching. America's Got Talent - I watch the auditions & that's it. I love that got Howard Stern as a judge. Can't stand Mandel.  The Voice - I watched the first season. I feel it like pandered too much to the judges. X-Factor - Watching it for the first time this season. This will probably be my last as well. I hear that a Kardashian will be a judge, so I'm out.

Chopped, Top Chef, Top Chef Masters, Hell's Kitchen, Master Chef

The knife techniques, flavor profiles, & timing constraints that go into a plate in these shows would make me nuts! 
Chopped - Love this show. Timed, rules, & wacky ingredients make this show amazing. There are some judges I don't care for, but for the most part its awesome.
Top Chef/Top Chef Masters - I love these shows, because of the challenges. No matter how great of a chef you think you are, if you're not ready to think outside the box, you'll lose.
Hell's Kitchen - By far, my favorite!! Why? I believe it will be going into its 11th season this next year & we will still have chefs coming in not knowing Ramsay's menu. Every year, he has the same 3 things. Scallops, risotto, beef wellington. Every year, those 3. Without fail, you will have chefs, not knowing how to cook a scallop. I've been watching through a TV screen, and I can tell you when a scallop is raw. I am not a trained chef! I can barely cook! Then there's Master Chef. I love it. Home chefs come in & try to cook restaurant quality food. That's just good drama.

Last but not least its

Project Runway, Project Runway All-Stars, America's Next Top Model

Oh, the diva-ness of these shows. When I watch them, I feel like I have a gay man living inside me screaming to come out. I get it, fashion is their passion. There are just times that they treat it like if this hem isn't in straight, the world will collapse. On ANTM, a model contestant blew a raspberry because she was exasperated, and one of the judges went off on her while on the shoot. He was just blown away that she would act in such a manner! Like, 'how dare you?!'  Do not get me wrong, I love fashion, but lets get real, it is not life or death. At least when Ramsay goes off on his chefs, its because they were going to send out raw food which would make someone ill. Priorities! 

I guess the two main reasons I love these shows is the competitiveness & the creativity. Which is what has kept America going. 

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