Monday, October 15, 2012

The Lost Art of Being Civil

First of all, how great of book title would that be! It sounds like one of those upper tier type of reading. I'll have to keep in mind if I ever write a book. I figure I should finish reading one before I try writing one. (BTW, I'm currently in the middle of reading 2 e-books & 8 regular print books). Back to my original thought.

What does civil mean? (from
civ·il  (svl)adj.
4. Of or in accordance with organized society; civilized.
5. Sufficiently observing or befitting accepted social usages; not rude: a civil reply. See Synonyms at polite.

Growing up, my mother made sure I had manners. I addressed every adult that was not family as Mr or Mrs. At the family table, we did not bring distractions & engaged in the conversation. 'Getting dressed' to go outside meant clean clothes. To this day, I have a hard time going outside to my car in my pajamas. 

If I was in an argument, I was taught language & tone. Hitting was allowed in self-defense. (I had 2 older brothers, so I had to use it a lot) Name calling was beneath what I was supposed to bring to the table.

The reason I bring those examples up is because in the world today it seems that there are no manners left.

Example: How many children today address adults as Mr/Sir or Mrs/Miss/Ma'am
(It's okay, I'll wait while you think about it)

When was last time you sat down to eat with no phones at the table?

I'd be happy if people that shopped at Wal-Mart wore clothes that fit. If they're clean, its an added bonus!

To me, that's just pure laziness in life. On the my last point, arguments.

It seems in the last few years, people have gotten trigger happy in arguments. It used to be it was just the lowest of lows that resorted to violence/murder. Every where I turn, people threaten death on anyone that disagrees with them. And if it isn't death, its rape on their wife or children. 



Our minds have become so narrow & small that any deviation must be exterminated?

That's not how I want to live. I like being able to discuss/argue ideas with others. It forces me to strengthen my argument. It forces me to go back & look up facts.

For me to threaten violence is like someone yelling 'RACIST!', it means I lost the argument. I lost the fight & this is how I can get you to shut up. Plus, it just sounds ignorant. I'm not ignorant, just flippant.

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