Thursday, February 23, 2012

Rant #214

I'm so sick of the media & these so called experts talking about this childhood obesity epidemic. They always blame the same thing. Vending machines & fast food. Not saying that they don't contribute, but its not the whole problem.

Here's the big problem, so listen up you food nazis. Kids don't exercise as much as they used to. Also, the parents don't parent like they used to.

Case in point. How many of us that grew up in the 80's (or earlier) stayed inside to watch TV all day? That rarely happened. Every winter, there were snow forts to be built to have snowball fights. Spring brought kite flying & baseball games. Summer brought beaches, fishing, & bike riding. Then fall brought jumping in a pile of leaves & football. How could we get fat? We were always busy.

Not only that, we weren't allowed to drink soda pop everyday. Junk food was for weekends. Fast food was a treat you got a few times a year. Parents actually cooked.

Basically, it comes down to personal responsibility. The parents responsibility is to teach their children how to eat healthy. Not the school & definitely not the government!!

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