Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Rant #57

Two things ~ #1 - My mother is a 2nd generation American. #2 - I was brought up in a farming community. The reason I bring these things up is because you work for your meal. Literally. If you don't sow the seed, you get no harvest.

What ever happened to working for your meal? My aunt told me even during the Great Depression, people would do chores or what ever they could for the food you would offer. If you work for it, you appreciate it even more. Also, by working for it, you get a sense of pride.

In our present culture, people mix up pride & ego. They are two different things. Ego is how you feel about yourself and often gets bloated. Pride is making sure that you are making the best quality part you can & being true to your word.

We need to go back to this fundamental virtue in America. Freedom comes from working for your food. If someone else gives it to you, you are their slave. They own you. I don't know about you, NO ONE owns me. I am an independent person.

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  1. Right on! Hey, can you make me a sandwich?