Sunday, July 3, 2011

Spoiled American

That is me. I am a spoiled American. I am a 4th/5th generation American, depending on what family tree you follow. I was born in a land of freedom. I was born with the freedom that God, my creator, has given me.

I am spoiled in the fact that I am free to fail & to succeed. I am free to open a business. I am free to vote the way I want. I am free to work the job of my choosing. I am free to talk to anyone I want. I am free to own a gun. I am free to speak my mind.

That is such a short list of my freedoms. I am also a woman. I know in other countries I would not have these freedoms. I am not trapped in an abusive relationship because that is what is expected of me. I am able to be educated to the extent that I want to be.

I share all this because I know that if I become dependent on the government, these freedoms will go away. So I will do what I can to make sure I stay a spoiled American.

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