Saturday, April 23, 2011

Unofficial Red Eye Drinking Game

Like any drinking game that's based on a show, this one evolves/grows with the show. Also, you can pick & chose which items you want to drink on. (Depending on alcohol tolerence)

First Round:
Red Eye Podcast ~ I just started watching this. So I only have 2 items on this.

Bill puts something in his mouth. (ie; food, fingers, floss) = 1 drink
Greg looks in/at the camera = 1 drink
(Personal note: That one got me tipsy on Thursday's podcast)

Second Round:
Pre-Game Report

Andy wears skinny tie = 1 drink
Andy & Greg talk about something no one else cares about = 1 drink
Greg annoys Andy = 1 drink
Greg tells Andy to go away = 1 drink
Andy tells Greg to go away = 2 drinks

Third Round:
Actually by this time who cares what round it is. So just follow along.

Cancer Treatment Center (with Peggy) = 1 drink
Liberator (Catheter Holly) = 1 drink
Wounded Warriors = Salute first, then 1 drink

Guests of Red Eye:
Mike Baker or S.E. Cupp replacing Andy = 1 drink
Dana Vachon replacing Andy = 2 drinks
Leg Chair Occupant wearing sheer nylons = 1 drink
L.G.O. wearing dark/opaque tights = 2 drinks
Dana Vachon/Jesse Joyce on the same show = 1 drink
Mike Baker with graphs at Halftime = 1 drink
2 of the following on the same show ~ John DeVore, Joe DeRosa, Joe DeVito
S.E. makes reference to her tattoo = 1 drink
Annoying chick in Leg Chair (you know who they are) = 3 drinks
Dana Vachon says something no one understands = 1 drink
When Dana is on, a Michael J. Fox or Back to the Future reference = 1 drink

The Guys of Red Eye:
Bill spastically waving = 1 drink
Bill drinking = 1 drink
Greg talking in 3rd person = 1 drink
Andy rolls his eyes = 2 drinks
Greg mentioning unicorns = 1 drink
Bill hits on the L.G.O = 1 drink
Greg makes a homoerotic remark = 1 drink
Jeff from Tallahasee makes an appearence = 1 drink

Bonus Round:
Bleep/voice over edit = 3 drinks!
The crew laughs so hard you hear them = 5 drinks!!!

Good luck! Tweet often!
That's my start on this. Mainly, because I'm watching TV doing this and can't think of any more. If you can think of any, PLEASE leave it in my comment section. Thank you. Cheers!

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