Thursday, April 14, 2011

Mashed Potatoes & Being the Bride

I was thinking the other day about how different some Christian denominations are. Mainly in the way they worship. To demostrate, I'm going to use the analogy of potatoes.
I was raised in a Christian Reformed church. They are very solemn. You came in, sat down, sang hymns (accompanied by a pipe organ), prayed, gave offering, listened to the sermon, then left. Nothing much more than that. Which is like having mashed potatoes made with very little salt in the cooking process, then using 2% milk for the mashing part. It's alright. You get fed, but its bland and you don't want it all the time.
The church I go to now has been describe to me as a charasmatic one. You enter the door and have at least 2 people greet you before you reach the sanctuary. When it comes to the worship, totally different. You have a praise team that sings & plays contemporary music. To which people dance and wave flags. The sermon isn't fire & brimstone or boring. Sometimes it can challenge your way of thinking. Afterwards, people linger, give encouragement to each other, and pray for one anther. This recipe of mashed potatoes has salt in the boiling of taters. Instead of 2% milk, you use buttermilk. Not only that, you use herbs & spices like garlic, onions, pepper, etc. It tastes good. The taste lingers. You want to eat it all the time.

Now to switch the thought process a little bit. I want to talk about being the Bride of Christ. I've been thinking about for a while. It has to do with watching the people at church. They are so in love with Christ. You look at their faces and you read it, right there, on their foreheads, LOVE. It's like looking at couple on their wedding day. So caught up with each other, the rest of world is in the distance.
There is no anger here. Nothing but pure, sweet love. Who wouldn't want this? Falling in love in Christ is like falling in love with your spouse. Kinda. He already gave his life for you. Every woman wants a guy who is willing to do that. (Plus, you know he'll listen to everything you say.) What guy wouldn't love a guy who saved their life?
Okay, I drifted a bit. The point I want to make is that we been courted, or wooed, by Jesus to His bride. To be in a loving relationship FOREVER! Never have to worry about if He is going cheat or leave. He's here to stay.
So all this together, makes me want to have a relationship with Jesus. Even a stronger one than I've had prior. No earthly man can take His place. Though they may try. Jesus has to be #1 in my life. I want to be His bride. I want you to be His bride also. As weird as that sounds. I know when I get to Heaven, there is going to be a huge party & I want a big one. So a lot of people need to be there.
Hope I didn't lose anyone with my thought process.

Love & Blessings

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