Saturday, April 16, 2011

Abusing the Race Card

There was a lady from Arizona on CNN tonight. She was talking about the 'Birther Bill' that was going on in her state. I wasn't really paying much attention, because I was talking about state's rights with a co-worker. What got my attention was Cornell Belcher. Here's why.
I've been seeing this guy on a semi-regular basis on John King USA. I don't care for him, because he never brings anything new to the table. Tonight, this lady was talking about the bill from her state and all he could say is that she's racist. She doesn't want Obama in the White House because he's an african-american. Never mind that she may not like Obama's stand on the issues or anything. It's always about the color of his skin.
I'm tired of this argument. It's boring. No matter what the issue the American people has with President Obama, Mr. Belcher's response is, "It's because he's black." Is that your only argument? I know elementary school children that can make better arguments than that one.
So, with that said, I'm personally taking away Cornell Belcher's race card. I might give it back if he can learn how to debate without one. On the other hand, I might want to keep it to use sometime. Or sell it on e-bay & donate the money to a military charity. I'll decide on that later.

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