Sunday, March 20, 2011

Things I Love

My list of Things I Love (sarcastically in a way)

1. Celebrities who think they’re smarter than me because they’re famous.

2. Trolls on Twitter that call you vulgar names and can’t handle it being dished back at them.

3. People who get paid twice what an average worker gets and complains that they don’t get paid enough. (Personal pet peeve. While I was making $6.50/hr, a guy who made $28/hr complained he didn’t make enough)

4. Extremists ~ Need I say more?

5. Protesters that don’t really know what they’re protesting. (Its over a week late on that one. I apologize)

6. Westboro Baptist Church. What a bunch of idiots! You would think a family of lawyers could understand the Bible better. Wait, I take that back. They’re lawyers, nevermind.

7. Singers who repeatly have to say or spell their names songs. Annoying.

Final one for the night. (I’ll probably do another one of these in a few weeks)

8. People who believe that they are entitle to anything because they were born!

Love & blessings! Please leave me your thoughts.

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