Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Me vs The Nanny State

I have a problem with people who are not doctors telling me what I can eat.
I have a problem with people who don't know me telling me how to be.
I have a problem with people who mirco-manage telling how to live.

God doesn't even try to control me as much as the government of the USA does. That doesn't sound right. Does it?

Case in point, Quaker says they are no longer going to actively produce Cap'n Crunch because of its high sugar content. Huh? Why do think we eat it? They cited Michelle Obama's fight against childhood obesity for the reason. Again, huh?

My mom bought me Cap'n Crunch when I was young. It didn't make me fat or have diabetes. Want to know why? I played! Outdoors, even. Yeah. Something about moving and fresh air.

Okay, next one. Child seats. Do I agree that small children should have special seat. To an extent, yes. Should the government tell how long my kids should be in one? No. Going by some of their guidelines, my 15 year old nephew would have still been in car seat until a year ago. Why? He weighed under a 100 lbs. Now he's 5'10 & 105 lbs, so I don't think he would need it now. But his step-brother is 11. Under the government's guidelines, he needs a car seat. Really? The kids weighs 125 lbs and is 5'2/5'3. Let the parents figure it out.

I want to keep this short. So those will be the only ones tonight, but I'll be back on it. The government needs to remember its role and get out of my life!

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