Thursday, November 10, 2016

Reflections of the Election

I'm just observer in the world of politics. I must say this one was history making for too many ways, not all good. These are things I have watch happen over the last 18 months.

2016, you have been a roller coaster of emotion, kind of like a teenage girl learning how to 'ride the dragon'. You took some great entertainers that enriched our lives, but you also ended a 108 year old curse when the Cubs won the World Series. Even though the Rio Olympics were amazing, the thing you will be most remembered for is this year presidential election. 

I've seen friendships end over this election. It created bigger within family units. I, personally, have parted ways with a blog site I contributed to because the editor in chief and the assist editor became hateful towards anyone who disagreed with them. 

I have learned that no one studies American history, or any history, any more. Nor do they understand civics, the Constitution, how our laws work, the 3 branches of government, checks & balances, or what a republic is. Sad considering all the money that's been thrown into the educational system lately. *I wonder where all that money went.*

Not only have friendships ended, but death threats were coming out of the woodwork towards people that were #NeverTrump. I know of one blog writer that even after the election is still getting them. They're not all coming from the US. Some of these threats are coming from European countries. 

After Trump was declared winner, the hate coming from the left became laughable.
People chanting hate towards the President-Elect in big cities all over the US. Basically saying, "We're not a country of hate, but fuck you, Trump supporters! You deserve to die!" There is video to back me up on that one. In NYC, people actually assaulted a dog. Think about that a second. They injured a dog so bad, the dog had to go to an emergency vet's office. 

We've become so divided, no one talks to each other anymore. As soon as you disagree with their thought process, a wall instantly shoots up, the open discussion stops, and the defensive fighting begins.

Helicopter parenting has ruin America's resilient nature. Hillary supporters crashed Canada's immigration website early on in the election results. They have meltdowns (aka tantrums) when things don't go their way. They don't know how to cope. Entertaining on one level, completely sad on all the others.

So here's the plan, Stan. Want to see real change in the US? Get off your derrieres & cell phones, and get face-to-face involved in your neighborhood/school/community. Instead of being defensive, listen to what people are saying and why they're saying it. We have become a nation of 'anti-social introverts' who only communicate via text. Because of that, we have a huge communication problem in America. It's easy to say things to an avi on screen than to someone's face. 

Get to know your neighbors. A strong community scares people in big government. 

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