Saturday, May 31, 2014

Oh the Finale of It All!

I waited to write this so there would be no spoilers. If there is, its on you, I've given you more than enough time. So without further ado, three shows finales I would like to talk about.

#1 - How I Met Your Mother

A lot has been written about this one. I don't understand why so many people were upset on how it ended. If you watched the show since the beginning, the whole theme was around Ted & Robin. I don't understand how people think that Barney would change that much and stay in wedded bliss with Robin. In fantasy, maybe, but this show was ultimately about Ted. So of course, he was going to get the girl. 
So discussion ended.

#2 - Grey's Anatomy

I have watched this show since the first episode and as much as I love this show, it needs to end. Glad they finally did something with Cristina. Gave her a good ending. The only thing they left open ended was her and Owen. I'm glad that Shane went with her to Switzerland. 
Of all the drama that was going on; Cristina leaving, Derek's moving to DC, Alex becoming a private doctor, Callie & Arizona marriage, and Jackson & April's pregnancy, there is one story line that upsets me so much. The new head of cardiothoracic is the love child of Webber & Ellis Grey. Can you say 'daytime soap opera'? I kind of understood when they brought Lexi on as Meredith's sister. It would make sense that Thatcher (Meredith's dad) would remarry and have another family. I thought it was weird that she too would go into medicine and end up in the same program as her estranged half-sister. That's what drama shows do. But this story line? Come on!!
I hope the 2014-15 season is the end.

#3 - Castle

For years we waited for Richard and Kate to get together. This season they spent it planning their wedding. The fans were overjoyed!! Then shortly before the wedding, Kate found key evidence into her mother's murder that put the killer, who was a high powered senator that just put his hat in the ring to run for president. Then a few days before the wedding, she hands over a wanted mobster to a bike gang so they can receive the reward money and pay off her "husband's" debt. 
Along with every wedding, there will be drama. Things not going right, like dress being ruined and the venue cancelling at the last minute. The way they ended this season though, ripped my heart out of my chest! 
They were SO close! So close to walking down the aisle. For once, it was going to be okay. Then on his way to the venue, Richard noticed a black SUV racing him. They cut to Kate receiving a call and when she shows up to the scene, Castle's car was consumed in a fiery haze. 
So who did this? And why? 
Was it the senator, who may still have his network up and functional?
Was it the mobster, who's family may be a little on the upset side?
Or was it anybody else from Kate or Castle's past trying to ruin their day?

Congrats, writers. You got me waiting for fall.

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