Friday, November 22, 2013

You A Coward

Permit me, a overly Caucasian miss to adapt as best as I can the speech pattern of the inner city to address some of its youth.

*clears throat*

Whatever you done think about yourself, one thing is true, you ain't as hard as you think you is. This game y'all playing called "Knockout" tells me you a coward and weak. You ain't doin nothin but sucker punchin. That right there makes you the sucker. Yeah, I said it. I hear y'all sayin the reason you play this so called game cuz you bored. That makes you weak. You don't use the brain God done gave you. There so much to do in the world, but you don't try any of it because it takes hard work. Ain't no one holdin you down but you, boo.

*shakes head*

I don't think I came close. I am just too darn white.

You live in America. We are all born equal. Just some of us have to work harder to obtain greatness. I refuse to take 'boredom' as an excuse. How can you be bored? Boredom is caused by a small brain. A brain that refuses to grow. There is always something out there to learn, to explore, to conquer. Learn how to play the drums. Learn how to write computer code. Volunteer at a VA home and learn about history & war from someone who lived it. Spend time with your family. Boring I know, but there will be times that they will be the only ones in the world that have your back. 

Yes, I'm calling you out. I've read my history. I know the struggles that black people have had in the last 150 years. Not that I've had them happen to be personally. History has told me that a man by the name of Frederick Douglass was born a slave and die with a name & a voice. His life wasn't easy, he wasn't considered human as a slave. That didn't stop him. What's stopping you?

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