Sunday, July 14, 2013

Thoughts of the Weekend

Last night, after watching the Zimmerman verdict read live on air, then reading Twitter for the responses. Wow. It was definitely eye opening. Crowds of people blood thirsty. Threats of killing innocent ruled the interwebs.

I saw tweets about killing all the whites in America. A few others saying they were going to shoot Mexicans. HUH?

I don't think these people even followed the case. They only heard the headlines that mainstream media wanted them to hear. They made it all about race. Showed Martin in the most angelic light they could. (In reality, no teenager is angel. Sorry, facts are facts on that one)

Zimmerman didn't kill Martin because he was black. Nor did he follow him because of his skin color. This all started because someone was somewhere they didn't belong at night acting suspicious. 

Back to my original thought, this weekend, I have been called & accused of being racist (amongst other things). Do I see race? Yes, I'm human. To say otherwise makes you a liar. Do I judge you because of your race? No. The only time I'm concerned about the color of your skin is if its blue. That's usually an indication of not enough oxygen in your blood & you need medical attention STAT!

I have also found that most people who call racism are the most racist of them all.

That's it. That is all I wanted to say. You want more, too bad. Its Sunday, my day of rest. God bless you all.

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