Monday, February 25, 2013

Going on a Hunt

This may be the hardest hunt I've ever been on. I'm not sure all what I need to pack. What weapons to bring. How long it will last. Don't even know where to start. It might even get dangerous at times. None of that. I'll be flying be the seat of my pants.

I'll be hunting the truth. It's out there somewhere. I'm not looking for half-truths. Nor am I looking sugar coated truth. I want the hurt truth. The truth that I may have to walk through hell to get and to understand. 

This world is full of lies and I want none of it. I want the truth. Truth is a light. I'm sick of sitting in dark slowly turning into a mushroom. I am a flower. I need my light!

I'm going on a hunt. For a good hunting expedition, you need a team. Want to join the hunt?

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