Thursday, February 28, 2013

#BrownieGate 2013

It started innocently enough. All Miss Ruth wanted to do was bring bacon brownies to CPAC. Since each batch takes 2 pounds of bacon to make, she set up a Pay Pal account so people could donate money for the ingredients and supplies. 

You can visit her site here:
Bacon Brownies

All was well until Tuesday night. On FTR Radio's show, The Snark Factor, the host Fingers Malloy pulled a Harry Reid on Miss Ruth. He said on air that he heard from a reliable source that she uses turkey bacon in the brownies.

BOOM. First shot fired.

Before Miss Ruth could clear her name of such an accusation, Wednesday night, another round of attacks were launched. Fingers noted that his 'reliable' source also claimed, not only did Ruth use fake bacon, but fake chocolate as well. Then in one of the worst accusations to besmirch Miss Ruth's reputation as a baker,  he said she bakes the brownies in the microwave.

The final nail in the coffin came from the Rated 'R' Republican, John Brodigan. He called into Wednesday night's show. He stated that he has had some of these bacon brownies and was shocked to find that there was no real bacon in them. That the flavor came from bacon bits and bacon lube.

This is the real controversy of CPAC. Not who isn't allowed to sponsor. Not who wasn't invited to speak. But is the bacon real?  

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