Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Is this racist, Mr. Holder?

Hi! My name is Jennie. I voted today.

This is where I were I live. Population 4,275

This is where I voted.

This is what I saw on the door.

So I went in with no camera. First I had to fill out a slip of paper that asked me if I was an American citizen. Then sign my name. Under that, date of birth & current residential address.

After I fill out the slip of paper, I go to the table where I'm greeted by Dustin, the election committee chairman. He ask me for these.

So I handed him my ID. He scanned my ID into the computer. Everything was good. So he sent me to the next guy who gave me my ballot. I went to the little table, colored in some circles, put the ballot in the machine. I was done.

I guess I don't get the uproar about voter ID's. I've in this town & my life. Most of the election committee know me & my family, but I still show my ID.

Someone told me its a question of cost. In Michigan, your first driver's license cost you $25, renewal is $18. I have a chauffeur, which $35 each time. Regular ID's cost $10 (unless 65 years old+, then its free) each time.

I voted today.

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