Friday, August 31, 2012

Didn't Know I Was Even Nominated

I'm speechless. I'm not sure what I did to receive such an honor. It's official, I am an asshole.!/shoegazn/assholes/members

To be included in such a group, I'm so touch. *tearing up*
So many people to thank. Where to begin?

Well, first & foremost, I have to thank God. Without him, none of this would exist.
Ooh! Gotta thank my mom & dad. If they didn't have sex that one time, I wouldn't exist.
My high school history & government teacher, he taught me to see the corny/cheesy humor in politics.
Gotta give a big shout out to Evan Williams, creator of Twitter & Blogger. Without these sites, not as many people would know I'm an asshole.

The list is long, but instead of boring you with that, here some videos. Enjoy!

And of course, theme song

** As of Sept 9, 2012, I am no longer on the list. But still check it. This guy really doesn't like people.

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