Thursday, April 26, 2012

Get Off My Farm!!

America's history is in farming. It was how we survived. We were known as being an agricultural society. The government has been slowly chipping away at it. They started subsidize farming, so you have dirt farmers. Now, they are going after family farms. Not the ones that have a thousand head of cattle or 100+ acres of land to till, family farms. They want to put a limit on how much chores the children can do on the farm.

This is making my head hurt! The aritcle I read this morning made the comment of we're going to follow the European model. Hello?!? There's a reason most of our families left Europe. Also, have you seen their financial situation?

I grew up and still live in a farming community. I know the reason why public schools get June, July, & August off. I know that farming gets expensive & is very labor intensive. Think about some of these things that I have learned just growing up around farms. Never work at one, they're stinky. Tractors are expensive. The tires for tractors are expensive. Fuel for them isn't cheap. Feed cost money. Veterinarians are costly. Farmers have big families to help with the chores of working on the farm.

This is a way of life. It is not for everyone. This just shows me how out of touch the U.S. government is with the American people. Not all of us live in N.Y. or L.A.. A great majority of us live in what they would refer to as 'fly over country'. I believe they are stepping over the lines. Getting their hands into something they know nothing about.

What's next? They're going to tell me how many chores my child can do inside the house? Can wash dishes one night a week or mow the lawn once a month?

The Department of Labor needs to step back. Farming is the one business that will keep this country afloat. Stop fiddling with it!!

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  1. These regulations are part of a larger goal of controlling the land and food production. If you do an online search of the U.N.'s Agenda 21, you can find out a lot more.