Friday, November 21, 2014

Relationship Worthy

A short time ago, my friend posted the following picture on Facebook.

At first, I jut pushed the 'like' button. An hour later, one of her male friends made a comment. It's a saying I've heard WAY too many times and so I fought back. The comment was this, "Well, you wouldn't buy a car without giving it a test drive first." So, now I'm a car?!

What if during the 'test drive', I'm not feeling confident or just having other issues that makes the sex not so great, are you going to dump me because it didn't pass your test? That's it? No room for communication? No learning curve? No room for intimate growth? 

How immature of thought is that to go into a relationship with? Here's the truth about relationships, yes, sex is a factor, but it's not the biggest one. There will be times where you and your significant won't have sex sometimes for weeks, if not longer. You need to have a friendship there. It's a different level of intimacy that is needed when the boudoir is cold.

Personally, I know I'm huge cuddle monster. I can sometimes be hilarious. Other times, I'm serious like a heart attack. I have my blonde moments and my pure out of the blue genius moments. 

I am a human. I am more than a sexual object. I am worth more than a 'test drive' to see if a relationship will be worth it.  So is everyone else. Think twice when you use language like this.

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