Thursday, April 10, 2014

What Do You Want From Me?

While I was at CPAC, I had some people ask me questions about how I would handle things as 'Your Choice for Libertarian Dictator in 2016'. I answered them then, but I thought I should let you, the citizens of these United States, know what is being asked of me. I'm also doing this to open dialogue.

What would you do about pot?

I would legalize marijuana. I see it as a renewable resource. It grows fairly fast, which leads to quick turn over and harvesting. The plants can then be used for medicine, paper, rope, oil, and canvas material. It would be good for America's economy. 

How about the Department of Education?

I would dissolve it. I truly believe that education should be decided at the state and local level. Here's one of the reasons why. I grew up in a farming community. The high school I attended had a FFA barn. Should every school have a FFA chapter or a barn? No. It made sense in my community. Every community, every state is different and should be treated as such. I don't believe people who have never been to your state should decide how you learn or what you teach. That's why we elect school boards.

Obamacare and Health Care? 

I would repeal the Affordable Care Act. It's full of mathematical errors. It doesn't make sense. Any bill that's over 50 pages should be marked TL;DR, then never voted on. Also, I would downsize the FDA. I believe it has grown too big and has become corrupt. 
I believe that health care should only be between the patient and their provider. No one else. If I want to live without man-made medicine, that should be my choice. If someone does not want to receive a blood transfusion, their choice. If someone doesn't want to buy insurance that doesn't fit their lifestyle, they shouldn't have to. 

Let's get back our freedom, America!

Do you have a question about how I would run the federal government when I'm elected dictator? Feel free to leave it in the comment section & I will answer it. 

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