Friday, August 19, 2011

Rants of the Day

I haven't posted anything in awhile, but I have a lot to say. So I've just decided to rant it all here.

Rant #1
I'm sick of people asking me why I'm single. There are sooooo many reasons why I am. When I find someone, you all will know. Until then, please stop!! It's very annoying and it helps no one.

Rant #2
If you do not run a business or have a head for business, please don't act like you know how multi-million (sometimes billion) dollar businesses should be run! You don't. So stop. You are making yourself look like a fool. I work for a big car company in the factory part. I'm amazed by how many of my co-workers think they can run the company better than the plant manager or the CEO. There is a reason you are a factory rat and they're management.

Rant #3
On the same thread of #2, if you do not understand politics, don't talk about it like you are an expert. Don't say someone is an idiot because they are a democrat, a republican, or heaven forbid, a tea party member. Have a real reason! Know the players. Know their stand on issues. Again, if you don't, you look like the idiot.

Rant #4
This one is mainly for the politicians. (Who don't read my blog) Don't pass overall laws for the US. Most of you have never been to small farming towns. You do not understand how we live! This is why the Founding Fathers made it so the states (and towns) had more to say about people's lives than the federal government. We are a diverse country. We are made up of individuals. We are not all the same, quit trying to make us that way!

Rant #5
LEAVE MY CHEAP LIGHTBULBS ALONE!!! I know I'm a little late on this one, but hear me out. Along with #4, this isn't what the fed is for. If I make minimum wage, it is easier for me to buy four bulbs for $2 than $5 for one bulb. I'm on a budget! How am I supposed to feed my family, pay for gas in my car (to drive 20 minutes to my $7.50/hr job), and afford these bulbs too? Maybe you all sitting on Capital Hill should have to live on OUR budget for a change.

Rant #6
Don't try to soak me for car repairs because I'm a chick. I am not stupid. When I tell you what's wrong with my vehicle, don't disagree with me and then tell me its something more expensive. This is the 21st century, women know about cars now.

That's it for tonight. I had to get some of these things off my chest.

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  1. I like #4 the best. The other day I saw a full page ad from Allstate nagging for a national law about teen drivers.

    Don't they know that this just means more dull boring offices filled with dullards writing regs and waiting for their million dollar pensions?