Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Wussification of America

Since the early days of the New World, which later became America, people worked hard. You work in order to eat. You had to hunt for meat. You had to plant, then later harvest, all your fruits & vegetables. There was no Wal-Mart to go grocery shopping. Both men & women were not afraid of getting blisters on their hands. And knowing how to use a gun was second nature.

There was no thing as welfare, disability & unemployment insurance. If you were able bodied, you work. Whatever job you could find. If there was no jobs where you were, or any way to support yourself, you moved somewhere else. It was that easy. You felt pride in putting in a full day's work. There was honor back then. When someone gave you their word, it was as good as gold. There was trust in fellow man.

Case in point. At the time of the Great Depression, people would leave their doors unlocked so others could come in for some shelter and maybe something to eat. Nowadays, you lock your doors and shoot before you share your food.

Getting away from my subject. Used to be, people knew you by your character. This is greatly lacking. America has become a country of 'Me'. Out for yourself. Why should you work hard for anything, when the government can hand it to you? Manners in the same way have gone away. The rudeness & classlessness of late is most likely making Emily Post roll in her grave.

You want to know what I blame some of this on? The removal of God in our society. Think about it. From Him we got our morals. He taught us how to treat one another. America's so-called 'leaders' have made us so relient on them, we don't rely on God. We have lost any sense of pride. Sense of honor. Sense of real worth.

It is hard to find real men in cities. If we ever had to go back to living like they did in the 1910's, so many Americans would die from starvation, let alone have clothes! We rely too much on government and on companies that don't employ Americans. We have become babies. We cry at the slightest hint of pain. Don't know how to go more than 4 hours without food.

The sad part is we allowed it to happen. The good news is we can change this fact. We longer have to be wusses. We can become independent once again. It won't be easy, but nothing that's worth it is.

Hope this makes sense. I'm still working on having linear thinking. God bless.

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